I honestly don’t know what to write. I keep thinking of things that I could fake a paragraph on, but its not that serious. My blog is not famous and it not supposed to benefit anyone. So here is a random blog about my having nothing to write about.

How strong would a magnetic field have to be to kill you?

Gravity and Levity

There’s a great joke in Futurama, the cartoon comedy show, about a horror movie for robots.  In the movie, a planet of robots is terrorized by a giant “non-metallic being” (a monsterified human).  The human is finally defeated by a makeshift spear, which prompts the robot general to say:

“Funny, isn’t it?  The human was impervious to our most powerful magnetic fields, yet in the end he succumbed to a harmless sharpened stick.”

The joke, of course, is that the human body might seem much more fragile than a metallic machine, but to a robot our ability to withstand enormous magnetic fields would be like invincibility.

But this got me thinking: how strong would a magnetic field have to be before it killed a human?

$latex hspace{1mm}$

Unlike a computer hard drive, the human body doesn’t really make use of any magnetic states — there is nowhere in the body where important…

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So its something about karaoke that really brings out the best in people. You can get up there and wow the people and then you can get up there and sing at the top of your lungs. But it leaves you feeling happy. Especially when you are singing right alongside your best friend. All judgements fly out the window. half the time its more laughter than singing. But its best to live in the moment. No regrets for that amazing time.


Waking up to see sunshine out my window. I haven’t seen it in so long. Suddenly everything feels better and I feel great. Someone told me a person can suffer from seasonal depression from being cooped up to long with no sun. I think they just miss the warmness and not having to dodge puddles. I feel for the people allergic to the sun.

First Blog

So I have never really been a blogger until recently. I always hear my friends saying, “Oh i read this blog”, and it made me want to try it. I always thought blogging was for people who wanted to say
something political on the internet and have others post comments.  So i joined wordpress and i started reading. Turns out there are more things on here than just political stuff. Which is good because im not very political. So I think i will give this a try. Mainly i will be posting for my own benefit and if anyone wants to read it they can. I think i might tell stories or my fantasies or just whatever is going on in my life.

So wish me luck.

From a new blogger..